Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mirrors European Tour Photographs

Outside the first gig in Cologne

Dawson sups a well-earned beer

Some not so well-earned Jaegermeisters

Time for Dawson's Theory Of The Day

The distinctive equine portal to the toilets
The beautiful architecture of Berlin

James New engrossed

Frankurt's Dom

The crucifix

One side of Frankfurt...

...And the other

A local makes his or her opinions on bankers quite clear

A fine way to spend an evening off

Dawson relaxes by the river

A night out in Frankfurt with the promoter (drunk, not pictured)

A prime example of one of Munich's vast beer gardens

And another of its vast beers

A Munich street

Now, synthesizers are all very well, but...

The view from Munich's Dom, looking over the Rathaus

The Rathaus from below

Inside a Munich church. An organ recital is taking place

Central Station - train tracks - leading to anywhere

Mirrors take to the couch for an informal Television interview

Munich's wurst example of a butcher's shop

The peculiar artistic church in Zurich

Joe ponders the life of the touring musician

A beautiful view on our way back home

Preoccupation with fags, beer or the view can do nothing to mask the odour of stale schnitzel

Cabin fever setting in

End of tour photographs

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